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Representatives from ARTZ Network Museums gathered in Woburn for the First Annual ARTZ & Alzheimer’s in-service and training.  

In January of 2008, ARTZ received a grant from the McCance Family Foundation to develop Alzheimer’s-specific programs at museums in Massachusetts.

ARTZ now has programs at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, the Fuller-Craft Museum in Brockton, the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge.

For each program ARTZ conducted a workshop and in-service training for the museum staff that focuses on the ARTZ philosophy of using art as a treatment method for people living with Alzheimer’s. We used reproductions from the museums to initiate focus-group interviews with Hearthstone residents in Massachusetts residences and ran pilot tours with Hearthstone residents to design a museum tour specific to each museum.

We also collect data from each pilot tour to examine the efficacy of the ARTZ approach and fine-tune the questions and discussion topics related to each art object within each museum’s collection.

According to Sean Caulfield, Creative Director for ARTZ and the project coordinator, “We are excited about ways in which this program have shown to be beneficial for those living with Alzheimer’s. Each museum has a collection that is unique and therefore offers novel ways of tapping into the emotional memory of each of our participants.”

The ARTZ Museum Network opened to the public in October, 2008.

For information, contact Sean Caulfield at 781.844.4671 or Caulfield@ArtzAlz.org

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