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The ARTZ Advocacy Award

In establishing this initiative ARTZ and the I'M STILL HERE Foundation honors
individuals and groups that use their knowledge and dedication to improve quality of life and lessen the stigma for that often accompanies a diagnosis

These exemplary recipients are helping to educate the public about the disease and enhancing support for people living with dementia in innovative and creative ways.



2011 Award Recipients

Glen Campbell








Music legend Glen Campbell has sold over 40 million records and has received 12 gold albums.

In 2011 Glen announced that he has Alzheimer’s disease. This public declaration, along with his positive approach to living with a diagnosis, has been an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the millions of people affected by dementia around the world. By going public, Glen has helped to lessen the stigma of dementia, showing that you don’t have to stop living and doing what you love. In this spirit, Glenn has released a critically acclaimed new album, ‘Ghost on the Canvas,’ which he will showcase on his current tour throughout the United States and Europe. To learn more about Glen Campbell please visit: