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Pricing includes shipping and handling

• For private use  –  $38
• For showings of up to 50 people
  (care facilities, organizations,
   employee workshops)
 –   $75
• For showings of 51 to 299 people,
  (including license for multimedia
  libraries, universities)  –  

Or send a check addressed to
Artists for Alzheimer's®

I'm Still Here Foundation
130 New Boston Street, Suite 103,
Woburn MA  01801

To show the film or extractsfrom it, you
can contact Hearthstone/ARTZ US at

French Connection Films and the Hilgos Foundation
present an essential DVD about  Alzheimer’s disease and non-pharmalogical therapies
I Remember Better When I Paint
(52 minutes)

Initiatives that get people with Alzheimer’s involved in art and creative workshops are producing
remarkably positive results. Many facilities use drawing, painting and museum visits as effective
therapies. Scientists have discovered that the parts of the brain related to emotions and
creativity are largely spared by the disease.

Experts from Boston University, George Washington University. the University of Chicago and
Mount SinaiHospital testify to the benefits of these newapproaches, which dramatically alter
the way we view the disease.

Also included on this DVD are these shorter features:
• Recreating Social Bonds (6 minutes)
• Organizing A Creative Workshop
(7 minutes)
• Organizing An Outing
(9 minutes)
• The Importance of Physical Exercise
(5 minutes)
• The Memory Garden
(11 minutes)
• The Hearthstone Way
(9 minutes)
• Art and Care Until the Last Stages
(7 minutes)

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